Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Birds Grooming Habits

Bird grooming basics: Healthy birds groom themselves naturally...

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A healthy bird takes care of their feathers, beak, and feet by natural instinct. Early in life, your bird will show signs of these grooming instincts and learn to perfect the routine quickly by nature.

Your bird will sort and preen all of her feathers daily and sometimes those of her mate. Usually this ritual is just before bedtime for your bird, and often throughout the day.

Depending upon the species of bird you may have, an oil-secreting gland at the base of her tail may be used. She will take oil with her beak to spread over her feathers as part of the preening. Birds such as cockatoos, produce a natural powdered dust to spread and condition their feathers.

Bird Grooming basics include :
  • Wing clipping,
  • Nail clipping,
  • Beak filing,
  • Preening and Bathing.
Most grooming can be done from home with the exception of your birds beak trimming. Contact Kihei Veterinarian Clinic if your bird's beak needs to be trimmed.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of your birds grooming steps, please contact us. We will not only help you and your bird, we will share our correct techniques on home bird grooming and daily care. Click to learn more: Beak Trimming from our Blog archive.

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