Friday, August 22, 2008

Kitten Vaccinaton Information on Hawaii

Most kittens receive their first set of shots between 8-10 weeks old. They receive 2 sets of shots during a two month period.

Yearly booster shots follow up after that. In thanks to this series of shots, disease is fought off by the antibodies within the cats natural system.

The annual booster update keeps this process of preventative protection active.

All cats living on Maui have a very high risks of contracting Heartworm disease as well. Our doctor prescribed monthly preventative Heartworm medication will be started. The mosquitoes on our Hawaiian islands are the main carrier of this parasitic disease. It can also be passed along from host dogs to kittens and cats as well. The risk of your Cat contracting Heartworm on Hawaii is very high, especially if your cat gets outdoors.

The amount of effort keeping your cat on this schedule is minimal, but should be considered a very important responsibility. We recommend soft chewable products and have flavored samples for your cats to choose.

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