Monday, June 30, 2008

A Healthy Bird has a Healthy Beak

Your bird's beak, like our all-important opposable thumb, makes it possible for her to perform daily actions that affect her well being. Make sure this essential part of her anatomy is in the best shape possible, and it will go a long way towards keeping her happy and healthy.

A healthy bird has a healthy beak. And a healthy beak means that your bird will be using it to eat, play, and chew. If your bird's beak is causing him discomfort in some way, he will avoid using it. Signs that your bird's beak is in healthy include:

  • Smooth, symmetrical appearance
  • No peeling or unusual textures (Members of the cockatoo family should have fine powder on their beaks, the result of proper grooming of healthy feathers)

  • No discolored areas
  • Proper beak length (Schedule a check up with Kihei Veterinary Clinic to see if the tip of your bird's beak is as short as it should be, for her particular species)
  • Proper alignment of the upper beak and lower beak. (Under bites and over bites or curling should be taken care of immediately, Schedule an appointment)

Treatment consists of trimming the beak to the proper shape and removing any excessive flaking. An overgrown beak is similar to an overgrown fingernail in that the overgrown portion has no sense of pain. The overgrown portion may be safely trimmed back to normal length without causing discomfort to the bird.

Beak trimming is best performed professionally by our veterinarian staff at Kihei Veterinary Clinic. Trimming without correct procedure can cause your bird difficulties. If a beak is trimmed too short, it will cause the bird pain, it will bleed, and may make it difficult or even impossible for your bird to eat.

Beak trimming should be performed by Kihei Veterinary Clinic on a scheduled basis. We use the finest German precision surgical grade tools. Never trust your loving pet with groomers that use tools such as common human fingernail clippers and lower grade nail files. Be sure the tools they are using are surgical grade clean. Be sure they are using the best tools money can buy on your birds best attribute, her beloved Beak.

At Kihei Veterinary Clinic we use premium quality Dremel drill grinding stones in conjunction with the finest quality precision instruments.. Our controlled facility is a fully prepared,
specialized environment for this routine avian care. In most general cases, your bird will not be anesthetized for the procedure, and your birds' safety is always our number one priority.

Every bird that coming through our door is professionally handled with tender loving care at Kihei Veterinary Clinic. Remember also that day-care, and overnight accommodation's are always welcomed and available at the clinic. If you would like to drop your bird by in the morning, he or she can stay as long as you like until your schedule allows a hassle and stress free pick up home. Vacation and emergency boarding is just a simple phone call away.

Give us a call at (808) 879-5777 and allow or staff to make this timely routine a pleasure for your convenience.
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