Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Puppy Ear Cropping Information.

Ear Cropping should be done between 6 - 12 weeks of age. 
Keep in mind, ear cropping is a cosmetic surgery, it is the owners
personal choice to crop or not to crop. Owners who choose cropping,
prefer the breed standard look. 

Cropping is not mandatory in any breed, even for show dogs. 
Just like any cosmetic surgery the outcome of this procedure relies 
strongly upon on follow up care.

Owners who take on the commitment should understand there is 
around 21 days minimum healing time, and 2 post surgery visits. 
Post surgery precautions need to be made for another month after that 
to keep things healing perfect.

To be sure of your commitment and outcome, Dr. Kehler requires
owners to schedule a consultation appointment together with your
puppy, to decide upon steps towards the procedure.

Contact Kihei Veterinary Clinic and schedule your appointment
early to be sure ear cropping is right for you, and your puppy.  

Puppies grow up to be dogs fast so understand that after 10 -12 weeks
it will be too late for the cropping procedure.
Dr Kehler provides show quality ear cropping and follow up 
procedures to heighten the breeds standard appearance
Your commitment to your pets care should be as strong now 
as it will be in the future. The extra care you put into your pet
for this procedure will bond you both even closer.

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