Friday, October 10, 2008

Look at this Land Tortoise

This African Spurred Tortoise can grow to almost 3 feet in length and will live a very long lifespan of 50 to over 100 years.  The thought of a pet that may outlive you, can be quite a responsibility for any owner.  The term "lifelong friend" seems to be appropriate for this wonderful land-dwelling reptile.

Tortoises require some specific care. They can be a challenge depending upon their size, species, and the variety of foods they eat.  Cat or dog foods are too high in protein and should be avoided.

All reptiles require a proper balance of nutrients not found in such foods. Different tortoise species vary greatly in their individual nutritional requirements. It is a common misconception that all captive tortoises can be fed the same diet as dogs and cats. 

Even commercial food pellets should be offered only to the reptile breed species specifically listed on the packaging label. 

The African Spurred Tortoises' Diet consists of the following specifics:
  • Orchard grass or hay
  • Timothy or Bermuda grass or hay
  • Leafy greens  (dandelions, clover, endive, grape leaves, mulberry leaves, weeds etc.) 
  • Cactus pads!

The best approach to determining your pet tortoises' diet is during an appointment with Kihei Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Kehler; especially If you are unsure of his or her specific breed. 
Schedule an appointment at Kihei Veterinary Clinic when your reptile pets good health is in question or when you have any diet concerns. Always provide your land Tortoise with plenty of fresh water to keep them well hydrated. This holds especially true at lower elevations with hotter climates, like here in Kihei.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Puppy Ear Cropping Information.

Ear Cropping should be done between 6 - 12 weeks of age. 
Keep in mind, ear cropping is a cosmetic surgery, it is the owners
personal choice to crop or not to crop. Owners who choose cropping,
prefer the breed standard look. 

Cropping is not mandatory in any breed, even for show dogs. 
Just like any cosmetic surgery the outcome of this procedure relies 
strongly upon on follow up care.

Owners who take on the commitment should understand there is 
around 21 days minimum healing time, and 2 post surgery visits. 
Post surgery precautions need to be made for another month after that 
to keep things healing perfect.

To be sure of your commitment and outcome, Dr. Kehler requires
owners to schedule a consultation appointment together with your
puppy, to decide upon steps towards the procedure.

Contact Kihei Veterinary Clinic and schedule your appointment
early to be sure ear cropping is right for you, and your puppy.  

Puppies grow up to be dogs fast so understand that after 10 -12 weeks
it will be too late for the cropping procedure.
Dr Kehler provides show quality ear cropping and follow up 
procedures to heighten the breeds standard appearance
Your commitment to your pets care should be as strong now 
as it will be in the future. The extra care you put into your pet
for this procedure will bond you both even closer.

Be sure to stop by our website or give us a call at (808)-879-5777

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Birds Grooming Habits

Bird grooming basics: Healthy birds groom themselves naturally...

"Georgie" at Kihei Veterinary Clinic for a scheduled visit.

A healthy bird takes care of their feathers, beak, and feet by natural instinct. Early in life, your bird will show signs of these grooming instincts and learn to perfect the routine quickly by nature.

Your bird will sort and preen all of her feathers daily and sometimes those of her mate. Usually this ritual is just before bedtime for your bird, and often throughout the day.

Depending upon the species of bird you may have, an oil-secreting gland at the base of her tail may be used. She will take oil with her beak to spread over her feathers as part of the preening. Birds such as cockatoos, produce a natural powdered dust to spread and condition their feathers.

Bird Grooming basics include :
  • Wing clipping,
  • Nail clipping,
  • Beak filing,
  • Preening and Bathing.
Most grooming can be done from home with the exception of your birds beak trimming. Contact Kihei Veterinarian Clinic if your bird's beak needs to be trimmed.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of your birds grooming steps, please contact us. We will not only help you and your bird, we will share our correct techniques on home bird grooming and daily care. Click to learn more: Beak Trimming from our Blog archive.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Kitten Vaccinaton Information on Hawaii

Most kittens receive their first set of shots between 8-10 weeks old. They receive 2 sets of shots during a two month period.

Yearly booster shots follow up after that. In thanks to this series of shots, disease is fought off by the antibodies within the cats natural system.

The annual booster update keeps this process of preventative protection active.

All cats living on Maui have a very high risks of contracting Heartworm disease as well. Our doctor prescribed monthly preventative Heartworm medication will be started. The mosquitoes on our Hawaiian islands are the main carrier of this parasitic disease. It can also be passed along from host dogs to kittens and cats as well. The risk of your Cat contracting Heartworm on Hawaii is very high, especially if your cat gets outdoors.

The amount of effort keeping your cat on this schedule is minimal, but should be considered a very important responsibility. We recommend soft chewable products and have flavored samples for your cats to choose.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Puppy Shots: Vaccination Recommendations

The DHLPP puppy shot is a combination vaccine that protects against 5 separate diseases :
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parainfluenza
  • Parvovirus

There is a total of 3 boosters with a month in-between each visit. Once your puppy has had these 3 sets of combination vaccinations. This DHLPP puppy shot will need to be repeated on an annual basis.

There are additional puppy shots that Kihei Veterinarian Clinic may recommend. These include vaccinations for Bordatella: commonly known as Kennel Cough, Giardia and Corona virus .

During your visit we will recommend every puppy start a Heartworm prevention treatment program.
It should be understood that every canine residing on the Hawaiian islands has a very high risk of contracting Heartworm disease. The climate of our tropical environment and the mosquito population in certain areas enhances these risk chances to 100% . Unlike anywhere else in the United States. Prevention and scheduled treatment is a must for your puppies and dogs. Without Heartworm prevention within Hawaii your pet is most certain to contract this disease. Abundance in your dogs healthy adult life requires this specific health care.

The treatment consists of a monthly and yearly prescription product. Be sure to stop by our website or give us a call at (808)-879-5777

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Intensive Care Treatment and Diagnostic

Kihei Veterinary Clinc provides advanced technology in our facility. We are here to support the well being of your pet under any extreme circumstance.

A feline patient under intensive care providing respiratory treatments and therapy.

Intensive care treatment can become necessary under many unfortunate developments. We are here to provide professional answers and solutions for your pets health in question. If you have an emergency don't hesitate, please call us. 808-879-5777

Understanding your pets problem with Diagnostic testing and answers -
Below are listed just some of the services we tailor to your pets needs.

*In-house diagnostic blood chemistry and hematology

*Microscopic urine / stool analysis

*Skin scrapings and cytology

*We are board certified specialists for our in-lab testing.

In addition, we combine
our advanced technology with outside sourced laboratory testing for special case consultations.

Be sure to stop by our website or give us a call at (808)-879-5777

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Kihei Veterinary Clinic is equipped: Maui's only full Surgical facility care unit.

Kihei Veterinary Clinc houses a specialized surgical suite, separate from the prep area to enhance surgical sterility. All ancillary equipment necessary for monitoring surgical and intensive care treatment is provided here.

Dr Kehlers surgical skills combined with this remarkable care facility is incomparable to any other veterinarian in Hawaii. Many colleagues of veterinary medicine state wide refer Dr.Kehler and his 28 years expirence for extreme surgical cases.

Be sure to stop by our website or give us a call at (808)-879-5777

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