Thursday, July 3, 2008

We love cats as much as you do at K.V.C. Maui

At Kihei Veterinary Clinic, Dr.Kehlers Saimese cats are always present and friendly to greet the guests. We understand the bond between you and your families house cat is as important now as it was thousands of years ago... The cat-human relationship dates back to ancient times.

Evidence of coexistence between cats and humans dates back to 6000 BC from the island of Cypress, where archaeologists found bones of cats, humans, and mice buried together (Bisno, 1997).

Dr.Kehlers' Siamese "Hoochie-Mama" greets guests at the front door.

Cats have endeared themselves to many cultures for their helpful mouse-hunting skills, cleanliness, attitude, and beauty. No culture has embraced cats as highly as the Egyptians did in ancient times. In fact, according to Blalock (1997), the modern day tabby may be descended from the Egyptian domestic cat.

Keeping your families cat healthy and happy in 2008 requires more than a pyramid or fine silk bedding. Contact Kihei Veterinary clinic to schedule your loving companion his or her next check up. Use the annual guide below as a reminder and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

  • Physical Examination (yearly PE's are important for your pet's health)
  • Vaccination for PRC
  • Vaccination for FELV
  • Intestinal Parasite Test (requires stool sample)
  • Heartworm Prevention Medication
  • Flea Control

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